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Raffa attracts special people who are personally and professionally inspired and wired up to Do More.

They come, in part, because they share our professional standards and Raffa’s passion for the nonprofit sector, but also because they believe in our promise to help them develop and live their individual potential. Raffa supports their quest for excellence, and we pamper our people every chance we get.
New employees are assigned buddy to mentor them personally and professionally and, through a partnership with Vital Voices, we empower women to lead change around the world. We encourage you to grow and develop your knowledge and skills and we provide training, assistance and support for those who take the CPA exam or other professional certifications which are equally valued in your field of expertise. Our founder and CEO, Tom Raffa, has lunch with every new employee and all partners have an open-door policy.

Here are just a few of the special touches we’ve put in place to show how much we care…

  • In office massages during busy season
  • Discounts to health clubs
  • On site gym/showers and fitness bootcamps
  • Wellness contests and prizes
  • On site Weight Watchers weekly meeting
  • Seasonal themed lunches
  • Annual Holiday Party
  • Do More Fun Social and Team events
  • Employee Assistance Program – 1-800 Anytime Help
  • Paid Time Off for Volunteering
  • Recognition Awards (Bravo Awards, MVP Awards, Do More Team Award, and more )
  • Leadership Greater Washington Rising Leaders Program

To DO even MORE… Raffa is piloting Aspire – an innovative platform designed to deliver workplace perks, customized per employee…

Aspire is an all-in-one incentive management system. It is a simple platform that uses data to help companies optimize their non-cash benefits by getting the right perks to the right employees. And they aren’t providing just perks, they are providing unique services in the DC area that provide meaningful experiences. These organizations span all kinds of services from home delivery food services and yoga classes to commuting benefits and personal fitness programs. At the end of the day, each Raffa employee will get a package of perks and benefits that matter to them.