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Companies for Causes

Companies for Causes is a new approach to philanthropy.

The CEOs of several closely-held mid-sized companies, including Tom Raffa, have joined forces to make a collective impact on the D.C. community - far greater than any one of the firms could achieve alone. Raffa and CforC aspire to be an effective model for change in our community.

The group focuses on:

  • Targeted philanthropy;
  • Hands-on engagement from member CEOs;
  • Measurable outcomes;
  • Projects that will make a real dif​ference to our communities.

The first project’s goal is to improve high school graduation rates at D.C.'s Eastern Senior High School​.

​"I am confident that if every school leader had a Companies for Causes cohort supporting their vision, student achievement would reach new heights in this city and beyond."

Rachel Skerritt, Principal, Eastern Senior High School
Learn more and follow our efforts via the Companies for Causes website.

Raffa is hosting students from Eastern Senior High School for "Easternships" again this summer! Learn more​ (video​).
Companies for Causes
Watch the Raffa video
"[Tom Raffa] is so positive while also pushing and asking tough questions and really making us think about our goals and what we are trying to do long term and short term."​

Rachel Skerritt
Eastern Senior High School