Raffa Community

At Raffa, we never lose sight of the impact we can and should have on our community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and sustainability efforts are an integral part of what helps Raffa deliver on its mission to be a catalyst for positive systemic change in the community. We are a newly Certified B Corporation, one of the first in the Washington, DC area. Through the certification process, vague generalities like "going green" and "community involvement" are given a standard of measure that can turn specific actions and efforts on the part of a business into a score that allows the public at large to then see quantifiable evidence of good business done well. In fact, Raffa surpassed the minimum certification score (80) by more than 36 points and we are now one of five accounting firms globally to achieve B Corp certification. 

We hope that our stakeholders will notice a growing sophistication in our CSR as we continue to evolve our understanding of what it means and what it takes to become the best community partner we can possibly be.  

Today, our philanthropic activities at Raffa are driven not only by our brand’s commitment to support our own stakeholders in their effort to make a difference today, but also by our strong desire to catalyze and inspire others and help build a better tomorrow for future generations. While the lion’s share of the firm’s philanthropy is driven by our most important stakeholders: our employees and our clients, Raffa giving is also channeled through Companies for Causes ​(CforC), a collective impact model that Raffa conceived to drive more effective corporate philanthropy in our region.  

B Corp Certified
B Corps are certified by B Lab to meet rigorous, independent, and transparent social and environmental performance standards.