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​Finance Resume Best Practices: A Checklist
Prior to submitting your resume, please review these Finance Resume Best Practices to ensure the important information on your resume is readily accessible to the reader.
  1. ​Highlight your 6 – 8 strategic skills/talents/areas of expertise that you want to advance in your next position; consider 2 columns in the top quarter of page 1 of your resume.

  2. Organize your professional work experience chronologically, not functionally.  

  3. To orient the reader, include one sentence (two max) located just under the name of each organization succinctly describing the mission of organization, geographic footprint, nonprofit IRS tax designation, annual operating budget, total staff, etc.

  4. For multiple positions held in succession at single organization, include the total years with the organization next to the organization name and list the different titles (with dates) and accomplishments in each position in subheadings under the organization.

  5. Describe accomplishments, rather than listing responsibilities. 

  6. Quantify results where ever possible.

  7. For work at entry level positions 15 or 20 years ago, consider one entry (Prior Experience) with dates, position titles (clerk, bookkeeper), or company names. 

  8. Include Education section, in reverse chronology. 

  9. Include a Certifications & Licenses section that lists professional licenses and certificates and whether credentials are active or inactive.

  10. Include a Software & Technology section that lists the software and/or IT you have worked with.

  11. Review your resume with two lenses: 1) Is the visual presentation appealing? 2) Has someone else proofed to ensure there are zero misspellings or grammatical errors?

  12. Craft a tailored cover letter that responds to the key qualifications/skills the organization is seeking.  

If you have any questions, please contact James Sunshine, Senior Search Consultant, at jsunshine@raffa.com​.