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​By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
The bull market reached a record in August becoming the longest running US bull market in history.  Stocks have risen more than 300% since early March 2009 without seeing a decline of 20%.  The stretch surpasses the previous longest ever bull market that ended in March 2000 with the technology bubble.

High Quality Bonds Show their Worth

​​By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management​​
With the increase in interest rates start the year and the relatively low yields offered by bonds, some investors are questioning their need to hold bonds.  However, in May we saw another example of why it’s important to maintain a high quality bond allocation in a portfolio.

Volatility Makes its Unwelcome Return

​By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
The first quarter of 2018 was the first down quarter for US stocks since the third quarter of 2015. The 10 quarters since we’ve seen relatively steady growth. That relative calm has made the first quarter all the more jarring with multiple daily swings of 1% or greater.

Active vs. Passive Investing – What is RWM’s Take?

​By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
What does active vs. passive investment management mean?  How do you define these investment styles? We get this question or hear this discussed frequently and the answer isn’t as black and white as many think.

Keep Your Bonds Safe with These Six Questions

By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
With interest rates on the rise, a nonprofit can make sure that its bonds remain safe by asking its investment advisor these six questions about its investment policy statements.

Does Diversification Still Work?

​By Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
US stocks posted a strong year in 2016 hitting record highs after the election and gaining 12.74%. International stocks followed a similar trajectory as US Stocks for the first half of the year, however after the Brexit vote the two diverged and then split further after the US election results.  International stocks posted a 5.12% return for the year.  It marks the fourth straight year that US stocks have outpaced foreign stocks and the fifth time over the past six years.

Fiduciary Compliance for Retirement Plan Sponsors

​By Chase Deters, Director of Operations, Portfolio Manager at Raffa Wealth Management
In light of the new DOL rule that expands the “investment advice fiduciary” definition under ERISA, fiduciary compliance for retirement plan sponsors has never been more important.  Harry Atlas of Venable, LLP and I have teamed together to educate nonprofits on the new rule and accompanying conflict of interest rules, recent litigation against retirement plan sponsors, and fiduciary best practices. 

Does Weak GDP Growth Spell the End of the Stock Market Bull Run?

​by Mark Murphy, Chief Investment Officer, Raffa Wealth Management
The US and eurozone recently reported second quarter GDP growth that fell short of expectations with both posting 1.2% growth rates.  The results and other economic reports have led to economists reducing their expectations for growth over the second half of the year.  Given the recent weak growth by historical standards and meager future expectations, does this mean that equities are going to see weak performance over the near term?

SONI 2016 Preview

By Dennis Gogarty, President, Raffa Wealth Management
Launched in 2012, the annual Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI) seeks to meet the need for timely, relevant, actionable data about how nonprofits invest their reserves and how those investments perform. The 2016 SONI revealed nonprofit associations have generally underperformed market benchmarks, but there is a silver lining: certain organizations have benefited by keeping things simple and establishing policies to instill discipline. More than 700 nonprofits participated in 2016. This preview offers some key findings from the SONI Associations and SONI Public Charities reports.

SONI Webinar for GWSCPA

Dennis Gogarty presented a Peer Benchmarking of Investments webinar on the Study on Nonprofit Investments (SONI) survey for GWSCPA in March 2016.​

Volatility Expectations

In January we saw a return of the extreme market volatility that we saw in the late summer centered on global growth concerns and particularly at what pace China’s growth is slowing down.  Weak demand for oil is also factoring into investors concerns. 

RWM Disclosure Form

​​Download RWM's Disclosure Form. This brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of Raffa Wealth Management, LLC. (Updated March 2017)​​